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Are you a stay at home mom that needs to make money? See how moms everywhere are starting successful "mom blogs". Get inspired, find great ideas, and discover the perfect writing topics from Jenny Weg, a profitable mom blogger, as she walks you through her work from home journey.If you’ve spent any time on social media, you may have heard about people who are making money from blogging.

Yes, this is a thing!

In fact, thousands of people are doing it on a part- or full-time basis. Some have even turned their blogs into a six-figure business. As nice as that sounds, most of us wouldn’t complain about just a few hundred extra dollars every month.

Turns out that may actually be more attainable than you thought.

Jenny Weg is a new mom and blogger over at JennyWeg.com who uses her blog to bring in extra money for her family. Managing life as a career woman, part-time blogger, and full-time kiddie wrangler is an impressive feat.

Let’s take a look at how Jenny does it, and how you can follow her lead to build a profitable blogging business of your own.

How Jenny Makes Money as a Mom Blogger

As a blogger, Jenny writes about and shares things she loves, like parenthood and working from home. She posts regular updates on her adorable daughter, Addison, her family, and her experiences as a new mom.

But how does this amount to a nice income for Jenny and her family?

She takes her blogging business seriously

Jenny Weg is a mom who makes money from her blog

Jenny’s success didn’t happen by mistake. She had her blog for over 18 months before she decided to switch from hobby blogger to a more business-oriented approach.

In order to make money blogging, “you need to treat your blog like a business,” Jenny says, “show up, be consistent with your posting throughout your social media platforms.” After shifting her mindset, Jenny told us, “After I made the decision to monetize my blog, I earned my first dollar one month later.”

She offers services through her blog

In December 2017, Jenny made roughly $2,000 from her blog in addition to her and her husband’s full-time incomes, the majority of which came from her virtual assistant services. “I landed all of my clients through relationships I have built from my blog,” she told us.

In addition to offering virtual assistant services like social media management and content creation, Jenny makes several hundred dollars per month in affiliate revenue by referring readers to her favorite products and services.

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She uses all her spare time to grow her business

Life as a new parent can be hectic, to say the least. Add in a full-time job and side business and we just had to know: how does she do it all?!

Jenny’s workday begins at 5:00 am. She spends one hour working on her own blog, followed by another hour working for clients before heading into her full-time job. On her lunch break, she’s right back at it.

To wrap up the day, Jenny says, “I spend anywhere from 2-3 hours after my daughter is asleep to work for my clients and check in on my blog before heading to bed for the night around 11:00 pm.”

Ain’t no rest for the Wegs, especially when Jenny has big plans for the future of her blogging business. (More on that to come.)

How to Make Money With A Mom Blog

So this mom blogger’s story has you fired up and ready to create a blogging business of your own. You’re already imagining the opportunities it would open up for you and your family. There’s only one problem. Where do you begin?

First, grab this free guide:

[Free Guide] How to Make Money Blogging

See how you work from home and gain financial freedom by starting your very own mom blog (no experience needed)!

It’ll teach you everything you need to know to get your blog set up and looking great. After that, the next logical step is to…

Decide what to write about

Successful bloggers share a few common traits, one being their focus on a single topic. For Jenny, that’s life as a mother. However, that wasn’t always the case:

“My niche has evolved over time.  Initially, I started out blogging about the misconceptions of agriculture and also a little bit of DIY while we remodeled our 100+-year-old farmhouse.  Now, as a mother, my niche is geared towards stay-at-home and work-from-home moms.”

A good place to start when deciding on your niche is to look at where your skills and experience meet your interests. In Jenny’s case, she’s a new mom working full time and building her business on the side. Her content is based on her everyday life, which makes it relatable for women in similar situations.

Help solve a problem

People on the Internet are selfish. It’s true! When we’re browsing online, we look for content that either a) entertains us or b) helps us solve a problem.

In Jenny’s words, “My blog took off when I stopped focusing on how to make money, and rather how I could help other people. My content suddenly had more value, and I was more fulfilled in my work as a blogger.”

For example, Jenny has an article on her site titled How We Survived 3 Months of Colic. Not only does she go into detail about her family’s experience, she also provides tips to help other new moms deal with a colicky baby.

Drive traffic to your website

As a new blogger, driving traffic to your website is the key to growing your platform and building a profitable business. The best way to drive traffic early on is through social media.

According to Jenny, 95% of her traffic comes from Facebook. However, in 2018, she’s focusing on growing her audience on Pinterest.

Reinvest in your business

Blogging is one of most low-cost businesses out there. However, just like with any business, a little upfront investment can help get you started on the right track.

Regarding her initial investments, Jenny told us, “I paid for a designer to revamp my site, I invested in numerous training courses, and now I focus on investing in social media growth, as well as sharpening my skills through training and working for my clients.”

Most recently, Jenny has taken a Pinterest design course to fast-track her social media growth in 2018.

Just keep blogging

Consistency is key when it comes to building any online business. Progress may seem slow at first, but don’t let that discourage you from keeping at it.

Showing up regularly was critical to Jenny’s success in gaining a loyal following and building trust with her readers. By the end of 2018, she plans to run her blog as a full-time stay-at-home mom.

You can find Jenny on Facebook and Pinterest. If you’d like to learn more about starting your own blog, be sure to grab your free copy of our Ultimate Blogging Guide for Beginners.

Like this article? Pin it!Are you a stay at home mom that needs to make money? See how moms everywhere are starting successful "mom blogs". Get inspired, find great ideas, and discover the perfect writing topics from Jenny Weg, a profitable mom blogger, as she walks you through her work from home journey.

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