NGT Slams Authorities For Holding India-Sri Lanka Test Match Despite Bad Air Quality.

The ICC will ask medical experts to review if the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) was right to host the final Test between India and Sri Lanka at Delhi amidst hazardous air quality.

The Delhi Test had turned into the centre of a storm after several players came under physical distress while Sri Lanka’s fielders had to resort to masks to battle the hazardous smog.

The ICC has said in a statement on Friday that the serious matter will be discussed in a meeting in February.

“The ICC has noted the conditions in which the Delhi Test was played and has already requested the issue is considered by the medical committee for guidance should the situation arise in future,” the ICC statement read.

Following the debacle in Delhi, the BCCI had said that the national capital could be dropped from hosting international matches during its peak pollution months of November and December.

The ICC’s medical committee, which has been asked to look into the issue, can make recommendations to the world governing body on ‘any medical issues affecting international cricket’.

Following the uproar over the debacle, the match-officials in the Delhi Test had been caught unawares with an unprecedented situation in the history of cricket.

With no guidelines set on the issue previously, play was allowed to go between the two sides after consultation with the match-referee.


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