Delivery man delivers fridge box: ‘Every little boy needs an awesome box fort’.

A little Rankin County boy had a simple dream — to make an awesome box fort.

Wendy Bailey said her 6-year-old son Brandon waited two weeks for a new refrigerator to be delivered, but when it arrived at their house, it didn’t have a box.

“The kind delivery man from Lowe’s felt so bad, he went out of his way to go back and get him a box. He said, ‘Every little boy needs an awesome box fort,’” Bailey said. “Now, that’s going above and beyond. There’s one thrilled 6-year-old in my house this morning who also learned an important lesson today about kindness.”

Bailey posted a picture of Brandon, the delivery driver and the box on her Facebook page and learned that Alejandro Porter was the Lowe’s employee who made her son’s dream come true.

“I honestly can’t say enough about how kind the man was to go out of his way for a 6-year-old,” Bailey said. “And in turn, it was a moment to talk to my son about the fruits of the spirit and how a simple, small act of kindness can make someone else so very happy.”


  1. It was very kind of this busy delivery man to go the extra mile to get this little tyke the box he was so looking forward to getting. All of us can remember when we were that age and had ourselves all pumped up with eager expectation only to have those hopes crushed for one reason or another. Kudos to the delivery man!!


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