Cross-bred dingoes, kelpie-cross destroyed after attack on elderly owner.

Helen Webber, 78, is in a stable condition in Liverpool Hospital.

Liverpool City Council CEO Kiersten Fishburn said: “Council officers seized three dogs from a Greendale property and transported them to the family vet this morning, when the owner decided to put them down.

“Two of the dogs were cross-bred dingoes and one was a kelpie-cross. They were all microchipped and registered,” she said.

“Council advises residents that dogs are animals and can be unpredictable. This should be kept in mind when handling them or choosing a pet.”

The woman had bite wounds to her arms, legs and back following the attack at about 5pm on Monday, police said.

The dingoes had targeted the pug, which was also owned by Ms Webber, before turning on her.

It’s believed the 78-year-old lived in the family home with her daughter and five dogs — three of them recused dingoes.

The now-deceased pug was owned by Ms Webber and the three rescued dingoes and a kelpie were owned by her daughter, Selena.

The three dingoes, which have been caged on the property, were seized by council rangers and later put down.

According to neighbour Rosalyn Faddy, who has lived across the road for more than 50 years, the victim of the attack had always been scared of dogs.

“Years ago she was attacked by one and ever since then she’s had trouble handling them,” Ms Faddy said.

“She was walking on a public street and a dog shot out of a driveway and attacked her — she wouldn’t even get out of the car if my dogs were going crazy.”


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