First Flying Car Bookings Open at Geneva Motor Show.

The production model of a flying car, the PAL-V Liberty, was presented at the Geneva Motor Show on Tuesday.

The three-wheeled, two-seat car and gyroplane is aimed at commuters who want to choose whether to drive or fly to work, according to Robert Dingemanse CEO of PAL-V, the Dutch company who has developed the flying car.

The PAL-V is pushed forward by a rear-mounted propeller driven by two engines. It is stabilized by a roof-mounted rotor that Dingemanse stresses makes it safe.

The rotor and propeller fold away, the tail retracts and the PAL-V is ready to drive.

Dingemanse says special training is needed to fly the vehicle.

Henner Lehne, senior director of global vehicle forecasting for IHS Markit, was skeptical of the PAL-V, comparing eventual legislation to the difficulties encountered by those addressing autonomous driving.

Production for the PAL-V was initially set for 2018, but Dingemanse says he expects it will be rolled out to customers by the end of next year.

The price tag is expected to be around $615,000.


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