Judge blocks end to housing aid to Puerto Ricans?.

Puerto Ricans who fled Hurricane Maria’s devastation and have been living in temporary housing on the mainland were granted a reprieve Saturday night when a federal judge temporarily blocked the government from ending an assistance program that was set to expire.

U.S. District Judge Leo T. Sorokin of Massachusetts ordered that the Federal Emergency Management Agency cannot end its Transitional Sheltering Assistance (TSA) program until at least midnight Tuesday, meaning those depending on the aid to pay for hotel and motel rooms should be able to stay at least until check-out time Wednesday, according to online court records.

The national civil-rights group that filed a lawsuit Saturday seeking the restraining order said the end of the FEMA assistance would lead to Puerto Rican evacuees being evicted. The temporary restraining order affects around 1,744 people, an attorney involved in the suit said. The FEMA transitional assistance was to end Saturday.


  1. The question is, What have they done to help themselves? It was supposed to be temporary. Have they looked for work? Have they tried to get on their own? Probably not. STOP depending on the government-taxpayers. You all came here voluntarily and have done nothing for yourselves. Either shape up or ship out. The GRAVY TRAIN has come to a stop. Get on your own or go back. And Politicians stop looking for votes on the tax payers/ producers back. Stop acting like you care when all you are doing is looking for votes so you can continue bleeding america. {Bill Nelson}. I am sorry, LETS face reality.


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