Nurse stood down after ‘shocking’ video emerges of alleged patient abuse.

The footage shows the nurse allegedly abusing and grabbing patient, Billy Aivaliotis, 33, by the throat at Caulfield Hospital last month.

Mr Aivaliotis can be seen responding to the nurse by making an obscene gesture with his finger.

The camera was hidden in a picture frame by the victim’s family, who grew suspicious when Mr Aivaliotis began losing weight and had visible signs of bruising.

I watched the video late last night and I think like any human being, let alone any nurse, it was abhorrent to watch,” Paul Gilbert, Acting secretary of Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation said.

“It still feels nauseating to watch and clearly…it would be very difficult and you wouldn’t defend that behaviour.”

The family had raised concerns with the hospital but they say it fell on deaf ears.

They took matters into their own hands and shared the footage with the Herald Sun with the consent of Mr Aivaliotis’ guardian.

The family said they wanted others to see the vision because they were concerned other patients may have endured similar abuse and neglect.

“We are a regulated profession,” Mr Gilbert said.

“There were 155 nurses in the last financial year who had their registration suspended as a consequence of notifiable conduct, so if a family member has concerns or reasonable beliefs that a nurse is not practising appropriately they can make a report to the health practitioner regulation agency.

“An employee is obliged to make a report if they have a reasonable suspicion.”

Mr Aivaliotis was born with cerebral palsy. He was struck by a vehicle last May and consequently suffered a significant brain injury and multiple leg and rib fractures.

He was initially treated in the Royal Melbourne Hospital but was later transferred to Caulfield Hospital.

An Alfred health spokeswoman confirmed the Caulfield Hospital nurse has been stood down.

Victoria Police is investigating.


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