Police, kid mowing lawn: ‘Who Does That?’ A 12-year-old in Ohio was cutting a woman’s lawn when a neighbor called the police on him for accidentally mowing part of her yard.

Reginald Fields, who owns Mr. Reggie’s Lawn Cutting Service, was mowing Lucille Holt’s lawn on Saturday with his friends when the police showed up.

“You have young people out here doing something positive and to get the police called on them was ridiculous,” Fields told InsideEdition.com. “Who does that?”

The neighbor was reportedly mad because the boys mowed a patch of grass that sits between Holt’s lawn and hers but, according to Holt, there is no fence to separate the properties.

Reggie was unaware he had cut the neighbor’s grass when authorities showed up.

In a now viral video taken by Holt, two neighbors can be seen sweeping debris off their driveway. Holt said her neighbors “call the police for everything,” and this isn’t the first time.

“I was very angry,” Fields said. “Who calls the police on children?

Something negative, however, has turned positive for Reggie. Thee viral video has helped his business. He’s received a new lawn mower and leaf blower from community members as well as several more customers.

A GoFundMe set up for his business has also already raised nearly $8,000.

“He has had so many tools donated to him. He’s had an outpouring of love,” Holt said of Reggie. “To see young people working is a foundation to be a successful entrepreneur as an adult.”


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