Radiation fog warning for the UK – what is it and how long will it last?.

The Met Office has issued a fresh warning for people travelling on Friday morning (November 3).

Hazardous driving conditions and delays to public transport services are possible as visibility could drop below 100m in places.

Fog has been building overnight and is expected to get worse around dawn. It is likely to linger through much of Friday morning in many areas.

A Met Office yellow weather warning has been updated overnight.

It covers a large swathe of the south of England, including all of Somerset, much of Dorset, Bristol, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and other southern and home counties.

The warning says: “Fog is affecting parts of the country and additional fog patches are likely to develop around dawn.

“Fog will only slowly clear this morning. Hazardous driving conditions and slower journey times can be expected. Delays to bus and train services, plus delays or cancellations to flights are possible.”

The Met Office chief forecaster said: “Fog has developed overnight across parts of southern England and south east Wales.

“Furthermore additional fog patches are likely this morning across parts of the south West Midlands.

“Not everywhere in the warning area will experience fog, though where this does form the visibility will drop below 100 m in places. This is most likely in low lying areas and river valleys.”


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