The “sickest woman in America,” who was told by doctors that she would die within days, made such a miraculous recovery after undergoing a transplant that she is now known as “Bionic Barbie,” the Daily Mail reported last month.

Christina Ferrara from Tampa, Florida, first began to experience fatigue in the weeks leading up to her 30th birthday but initially chalked it up to getting older. It was only when her health dramatically declined that she sought medical help.

Doctors found Ferrera’s kidneys were shutting down and told her she would “die this weekend,” according to The Daily Mail.

“When I was rushed into ICU, my ammonia levels were so high my brain was shutting down, the toxins in my body were so high from my liver leaking,” she said. “I was number one on the Florida transplant list and 12 hours later took over the top of the world list – I was deemed the sickest woman in America.”

Ferrera explained that there were three livers she could not accept but the fourth was a perfect match. After undergoing the transplant, her recovery astounded doctors.

“It was literally a miracle, as soon as I put it in it was like the batteries were back on,” she said. “I have been called the ‘Bionic Woman’ and ‘Bionic Barbie’ – I have no metal parts but it’s because of my life and energy.”

Ferrera’s story highlights the importance of organ donation, which saves the lives of thousands each day.

According to Donate Life America, there are roughly 115,000 people waiting for a lifesaving transplant.

Every 10 seconds another person is added to the waiting list and 22 people die each day because they are unable to receive the organ they need. A single organ donor can save and heal the lives of over 75 people.

A healthy person can also help by becoming a “living donor” by donating a kidney, or a part of the liver, lung, intestine, blood or bone marrow to someone in need, the American Transplant Foundation noted.

“If my donor did not choose to donate their organs I would not be here right now,” Ferrera noted, according to The Daily Mail. “I needed a specific liver, the person who registered was my guardian angel. You can’t take your organs when you go, so save a life and spread love.”

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