Subway riders have rescued a man who passed out on snowy tracks as a train approached.

The dramatic rescue was caught on camera.

Liliana Vicente was frantic. She screams, “Sir, please wake up. Sir, sir wake up.”

A train was about to enter the Avenue H station in Brooklyn.

“I thought the train was going over him,” she said. “I started crying. I had never seen those things.”

The train did stop, giving Vicente and two others the time to get down to the tracks and lift the man onto the platform and to safety.

It was harrowing experience. “I was so scared,” Vicente said.

But ultimately it was rewarding too. People pitched in to save the life of someone they didn’t know.

“I think there are still kind people here in this world,” she said.

The man who fell was taken to a local hospital in serious condition. It’s not clear what caused him to pass out and fall onto the tracks.


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