Taylor Swift Releases ‘The Swift Life’ App, Gives Fans Access to Exclusive Social Network, Emojis, More.

The 28-year-old Shake It Off singer made the announcement with an adorable snap via Instagram on Saturday.

In the image, Taylor can be seen snuggling her adorable feline pal Olivia Benson.

The multiplatinum songstress appears in a shimmering blue sequined top, and included the superimposed message ‘celebratory hug cause the app is OUT.’

She also included one of her new Taymojis, one, appropriately enough, of her hugging the same cat, in the lower right hand corner.

Her caption read ‘The Swift Life is available for free worldwide in the App Store. See you there!’

Since its release, it’s already garnered an impressive five star rating on Apple’s App Store.

According to the description, the free download includes ‘exclusive pics, video, news,’ as well as the ability to ‘see what she’s liked, and use SwiftSends on posts for a better chance of Taylor liking them too.’

Of course Taymojis are also available for download and use in messenger apps.

While Swiftees around the world were no doubt rejoicing, there’s no arguing that Kim Kardashian beat Taylor to the app punch, as she released her own Kimoji range way back in December of 2015.

Her app, which was originally released back in 2014 also still holds an astonishing 4.6/5 rating in the App Store.

Comparisons will soon be made no doubt, if only because Kim recently reignited her slow-boiling feud with Taylor.

On December 4th, Kim shared an Instagram snap of her husband Kanye’s famous and controversial art installation showing Taylor nude next to the famous rapper.


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