The holidays are a time meant to spend with family, so when Alan Duffany told Jody Revak his Christmas wish was to go home to see his sister, she went above and beyond to make sure he didn’t spend Christmas alone.

Nearly every day Revak passed Duffany as he panhandled on a street in Sacramento, California. She often gave him some change, but one day she felt compelled to ask him what he wanted for Christmas.

Revak told KCRA that she typically gave the 52-year-old homeless man some change when she drove by, but recently decided to ask him what he’d like for Christmas.

“I just want to get home to see my sister,” he replied.

When Revak heard his wish she knew she had to do whatever she could to make his wish come true.

“There was just something about him that I just connected with,” she told KCRA as she explained how she wanted to help him.

Revak informed Duffany that she and a friend would pay for a bus ticket so he could visit his sister—the only thing he needed to do was meet them at the bus station.

The two women purchased Duffany a new wardrobe and spruced him up for the 64-hour trip to his sister’s home in Tennessee.

KCRA spoke with Duffany’s sister, Rose Cooper, about her brother’s arrival.

“I’m going to be excited,” she said. “I know he will be, too, and there will be tears of joy.”

Cooper said that her brother would be welcomed with open arms and given a permanent home, off of the streets.

“I just think they are angels from God,” Cooper told KCRA about Revak and her friend, who helped Duffany. “And I just want to bless them so much and, you know, give them a Merry Christmas and tell them how much we’re really thankful and appreciate their help.”


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