Who is stalking Pauley Perrette? NCIS actress Pauley Perrette accused ex-husband Francis ‘Coyote’ Shivers of terrorizing her while posing as a woman online and bizarrely helping her cope with the ordeal, a Los Angeles court heard Thursday.

The 45-year-old is fighting to extend a restraining order against Shivers indefinitely, as the pair have been locked in an exhausting legal war since divorcing in 2004 after just three years of marriage.

Shaking in the witness stand, Perrette said the 49-year-old musician has an obsession with her that he can’t control which has left her fearing for her safety, and that of her family and pets.

She claims that Shivers even went as far as creating an online female persona and began to contact her offering emotional support and guidance.

They both accused each other of ‘stalking’ in a heated three hour hearing at Los Angeles Superior Court.

In his plea to lift the existing restraining order, Shivers claims Perrette has used legal protection as a ‘weapon’ against him.

Adding that Perrette would apparently turn up to the same restaurant as him so he’s forced to leave.

He also blames her for getting him fired from popular TV show NCIS – where he worked on music production during season one – as a result of the court ordered protection.

Shivers further told how he can’t be at peace in his own LA neighborhood since Perrette allegedly moved nearby, and describes being a victim of her ‘decade long Internet hate campaign.’

Their clash in court comes after a confrontation between the duo and their current partners at Hollywood restaurant Shintaro in 2012.


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