Woman strangles rabid fox attacking her in backyard.

A Salem County woman checking on a bird feeder in her yard reportedly ended up strangling a rabid fox that attacked and bit her repeatedly.

NJ.com reported that the fox pounced on Tammy DuBois, 52, of Pittsgrove Township, on July 18, biting her leg.

DuBois told the news site that she tried to flee into her house, but the fox pursued her.

When it bit her again as she tried to get into the back door, she grabbed the animal, holding its snout shut with her left hand and strangling it with her right until it went limp.

“I couldn’t do anything else to get it away from me,” DuBois told NJ.com. “I don’t like to kill anything.”

County health officials said results came back Monday confirming the fox had rabies.

DuBois began a two-week rabies treatment immediately after the attack.


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