China glass bridge crack: What really happened
China glass bridge crack: What really happened

Glass Bridge In China Cracks As A Man Falls Down, But There’s More To It Than Meets The Eye.

A tourist enjoying a saunter around the tops of the East Taihang Mountains in China probably felt as if he was going to die after the glass walkway he was situated on appeared to crack.

The bridge is roughly 870 feet long and about 3,870 feet, or depending on the measurements, more than 300 stories high. As the poor traveler soon realized, the fracturing of the walkway was artificial and merely a special effect. Along with the feigned fissures activated by infrared sensors, the apparent prank also includes sound effects, according to the Global Times.

“It scared me,” the tourist said simply while he raised his cap and another visitor casually passed by.

Glass bridges have been built at a number tourist destinations in China. The Taihang Scenic Area is the first to install the technology behind the illusion. Due to instances like this one, employees at this specific park, which opened Sept. 16, will now check daily to make sure there are no real fractures, according to the Global Times.

Officials will also notify sightseers of the effect beforehand, rendering it no longer a bona fide, albeit arguably mean, prank.


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