Hunt 'man-eating' tiger after it kills 4 people
Hunt 'man-eating' tiger after it kills 4 people

Indian rangers hunt ‘man-eating’ tiger. a court in the western Indian state of Maharashtra has ordered the killing of a two-year-old tigress responsible for mauling four people to death.

The Nagpur bench of Mumbai High Court, in fact, upheld the shoot-to-kill order on Thursday that was issued initially by the state forest department, which was challenged by wildlife activists.

The tigress, named Kala, was first captured in July after it killed two men and injured four others in Maharashtra’s Brahmapuri town, and subsequently released in a tiger reserve.

But since her release on July 29, the tigress undertook an extraordinary 500-km journey that was tracked through her radio collar and killed two more people.
“We issued the shoot-to-kill order as she killed two more people since her release. We are now trying to track the tigress down,” a senior forest department official said Saturday.

A century ago, India had some 100,000 tigers, but their numbers have declined sharply since then, due to poaching and rapidly shrinking habitats.

Currently, there are an estimated 1,700 tigers left in the wild in India. But the big cats often compete with humans for resources with increasing human encroachment into their reserves.


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