Lawrence Barilli cleared of rape after saying he suffers from 'sexsomnia'
Lawrence Barilli cleared of rape after saying he suffers from 'sexsomnia'

Lawrence Barilli who allegedly told a girlfriend he suffered from sexsomnia has been cleared of raping two women.

Lawrence Barilli had faced the accusations during a trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

One woman claimed the 35-year-old pounced on her “a couple of hundred times” while she was initially asleep in bed.

She said the ex-RAF serviceman told her he had a condition that “made him do it”.

It was also claimed he said to the other woman that he had sexsomnia.

But, a jury on Wednesday returned not proven verdicts to the two rape charges.

Barilli was, however, found guilty of physical abuse of the women and could still face a jail term when he returns to the dock next month.

The charges spanned between 2008 and 2012.

The first woman was just 17 when she moved in with Barilli in Greenock, Inverclyde.

She soon became a victim of his violent temper.

Jurors heard he would get angry at the “smallest of things”.

This included dishes not being washed or his lover not opening a window for him when he was apparently warm.

The woman was regularly assaulted and called names such as “slut” and “scum”.

She was described as “cowering” at her 18-stone partner.

Barilli would also keep tabs on his girlfriend wrongly believing she was cheating.

He even stormed to her work one day in an “absolute rage” after she got a text from her boss.

The incident left the woman unable to return to her job.

Barilli’s QC Tony Graham put to him during the trial: “This all sounds rather controlling.”

He replied: “Yes, to make me feel better. I did not care about her feelings. It was all about me.

“I felt good because she could now be with me all the time.”

Barilli smashed up phones and a computer to try and stop her contacting people.

Mr Graham asked did Barilli feel he “owned” the woman – he stated: “At times I would.”

It was claimed he raped the woman – he was said to have stated he had a condition that made him have sex while he was asleep.

But, Barilli told jurors anything that happened was “100 per cent consensual”.

Barilli claimed: “I actually feel sick to the stomach. I abused her, but did not rape her.”

He met the second woman on a dating website in 2011. They lived together in Glasgow’s Shettleston and Uddingston, South Lanarkshire.

Barilli also unleashed his temper on the 35-year-old mum.

He claimed he tried to “make her feel special” with stays in swanky hotels including Glasgow’s One Devonshire Gardens.

But, in reality, it was his way of “controlling” this lover stopping her seeing family and friends.

He meantime earned a good wage as a roofer while she was out of work.

The skint mum once asked for cash to get her child Easter eggs – Barilli reluctantly handed it over.

He found it “funny” she could not afford a chocolate treat.

But, after the gifts were bought, Barilli smashed them up after assaulting his partner.

The woman recalled: “He grabbed me…he held me down and was screaming in my face.

“He then threw me on top of all the Easter eggs.”

The woman claimed Barilli preyed on her sexually as she slept in bed.

She recalled: “I would wake up with him having sex with me.

“I did not really not know what to think. I thought it was something that he was trying to spice up the relationship.

“It was silent throughout…I did not like it.”

The mum said it happened “a couple of hundred times” – but Barilli said he had “a condition that makes him do that”.

The woman told the trial: “He said it was sexsomnia.”

Barilli claimed he was not aware what happened when she confronted him.

A probe into Barilli was sparked when the first victim went to police in 2016.

He admitted in evidence to assaulting the women subjecting them to almost daily attacks.

Jurors were told the woman became his “ragdoll”.

She said she was attacked during a Spanish holiday – when she jokingly accused him of cheating at cards.

He later flipped claiming she loved “attention” from “slimy” waiters at their resort.

The jury also heard evidence Barilli strangled her back home with her fearing she was “genuinely going to die”.

Barilli accepted he was an “utterly disgusting human being”, but said he was not a rapist while rubbishing claims he told the victims about sexsomnia.

In his closing speech to jurors, Mr Graham had asked for Barilli to be cleared of the sexual allegations.

But, the QC said: “His character is not stained any more – it is absolutely filthy, rotten to the core how he treated women.”

Barilli was convicted of assaulting the first woman and a breach of the peace against her.

He was further found guilty of physical attacks on the second victim and engaging in a course of conduct that caused her “fear and alarm”.

It emerged on Wednesday Barilli already had a breach of the peace conviction with a domestic-aggravation.

Judge Craig Scott QC told him he had still been found guilty of “significant physical abuse”.

Sentencing was deferred until November 22 in Edinburgh.


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