Elephant Tramples Tourists in Zambia, Report
Elephant Tramples Tourists in Zambia, Report

Elephant tramples two tourists to death in Zambia.

TWO TOURISTS were trampled to death by an elephant after getting close to the animal in an attempt to take a picture.

Dutchman Wim van Griensven, 64, and his Belgian friend Sabine Goossens, 57, were stood 25m away from a herd of elephants at the Mosi-o-tunya National Park in Livingstone when one of the beasts became enraged and charged at them.

The pair were visitors at the Maramba River Lodge in the town of Livingstone and were watching the animals as they came close to the lodge.

According to ZNBC news, one elephant charged at the Belgian woman after she approached it. One of van Griensven’s relatives told Dutch newspaper AD that he tried to save Goossens but that both were killed when the animal attacked them a second time.

Goossens had been living in Zambia for sixteen years and was very used to being around wild animals, her family said. On her Facebook page, she had shared several pictures of the animals and her trips to national parks in Zambia.

Senior Wildlife Warden Lewis Daka told ZNBC news that tourists should keep their distance from the elephants as they are wild and dangerous. He said that last week a security officer from one of the lodges in Livingstone was trampled by an elephant while going to work.


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