Dying Dad Walks Bride Down the Aisle in Surprise Hospital Wedding (Watch)
Dying Dad Walks Bride Down the Aisle in Surprise Hospital Wedding (Watch)

Bride wanted her dying dad to walk her down the aisle so had a hospital wedding.

An American woman abandoned her dream wedding plans so her dying father could take part in the big day.

Vieneese Stanton got engaged in February, three days after her father, Preston Rolan, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia.

After monthly hospital visits for blood transfusions and chemotherapy, Rolan was told last month that the cancer wasn’t responding and he wouldn’t be going home.

“I told my fiance, ‘We gotta change the wedding’,” Stanton, 27, told The Washington Post. The Californian couple are expecting their first child in March.

“He has to be there for at least one of these moments. It’s the two things he has been looking forward to,” she said.

The couple brought the wedding forward five months and whittled a large guest list down to 15 close friends and family.

They secretly planned to see Rolan on the way to their ceremony. But instead, decided to get hitched at the hospital. The staff at UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco, helped execute the surprise. Nurses decorated the halls with paper flowers, made canapes and one volunteered to be the photographer.

Thinking he was heading off on his usual morning walk, 64-year-old Rolan was astonished to see his daughter in her wedding dress coming around the corner.

“You set me up,” he told the room, linking arms with his daughter and walking her back down the hall. After, the couple dashed to the City Hall to legally tie the knot.

Although Rolan is technically Stanton’s stepfather, he has been her dad her whole life, since she was three.

“He’s definitely raised me all of my life,” Stanton said. “For me, he was like the closest thing I had, the first father I knew. We just connected from the beginning… I can always call him. And if he ever needed anything, he knew to call me.”


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