Meghan Markle Natural Curly Hair Twitter Photo
Meghan Markle Natural Curly Hair Twitter Photo

These Photos of Meghan Markle With Her Natural Curls Are Breaking The Internet.

There aren’t many childhood photos out there of the 36-year-old actress and humanitarian, and the image of Prince Harry‘s new fiancée that is etched into our memory is of her wearing a flawless blowout. But leave it up to the internet to uncover Markle’s roots.

Miss Teen USA 2010 and beauty influencer Kamie Crawford was on the case of uncovering pics of Markle’s natural hair, and what she discovered was nothing short of amazing. In a Twitter post containing a photo collage of the Suits star, Crawford wrote: “We got curls in the royal palace y’all!!!”

In the two images, Markle appears to be in her teen years, sporting a half-up, half-down curly ‘do in one photo and a head full of ringlets in the other. One commenter wrote: “I will lose it if she wears that beautiful curly hair!” And another chimed in saying, “Love it!”

But not everyone is here for Markle’s naturally curly hair, as one individual commented: “She hasn’t worn it in years … as she likes to identify as bi-racial not black. Being a women with color I agree with her choice. She looks white.”

Many black women consider their hair to be a huge part of their identity, especially with beauty standards perpetuating straight hair as the norm. With Markle’s decision to voice her “pride in being a strong, confident mixed-race woman,” it’ll be interesting to see if she chooses to step out with her natural hair.


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