Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez childhood home pic
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez childhood home pic

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez childhood home pic.

New York Democratic congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tore into a conservative TV host who tweeted a picture of her childhood home in an attempt to discredit her.

John Cardillo, a host of Newsmax’s “America Talks Live,” shared a picture of Ocasio-Cortez’s childhood home in Yorktown Heights, claiming she lived there until she went to attend Brown University.

“This is the Yorktown Heights (very nice area) home @Ocasio2018 grew up in before going off to Ivy League Brown University,” Cardillo tweeted. “A far cry from the Bronx hood upbringing she’s selling.”

Ocasio-Cortez actually went to Boston University. She lived in the Bronx’s Parkchester apartments before moving to Yorktown Heights at age 5 to attend a better public school than what was available in the Bronx at that time, according to her campaign website.

The self-proclaimed democratic socialist is running as a Democrat in New York’s 14th Congressional District, which encompasses the Bronx and Queens, after defeating incumbent Rep. Joseph Crowley (D) in a stunning primary earlier this month.

Ocasio-Cortez fired back at Cardillo Sunday afternoon, saying she did not attend Brown University or any other Ivy League school.

“I went to [Boston University],” Ocasio-Cortez said. “Try Google.”

“My mom scrubbed toilets so I could live here & I grew up seeing how the zip code one is born in determines much of their opportunity,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote, noting that she grew up partially in a working-class neighborhood.

She also tore in Cardillo’s attempt to discredit her.

“Your attempt to strip me of my family, my story, my home, and my identity is exemplary of how scared you are of the power of all four of those things,” Ocasio-Cortez shot back.


  1. She had every opportunity at the public school in the Bronx, all she had to do was apply herself. She probably would have been valedictorian and gotten more opportunities for scholarships and grants to college given her “poor” zip code.


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