Iran has been mocked for a billboard using a picture of three Israeli soldiers that was put up in the city of Shiraz this week to mark the Iran-Iraq war.

The billboard depicts three male soldiers standing atop a rocky hill, with a quote from a Persian poem superimposed over the image, BBC News reported.

It was intended to mark the 38th anniversary of the start of the 1980-88 war and honor the 50,000 fallen Iranian and Iraqi soldiers, according to Radio Free Europe.

It later emerged that not only were soldiers Israeli but that a female soldier had been cropped from the original photo.

By Wednesday images of the billboard were flooding social media.

One Twitter poster pointed out that the M16 guns, straps, clothes and hats worn by the soldiers all belonged to “Zionists,” and called the billboard idiotic.

Another Twitter user, who posted both the original image and the edited version, said “whoever made the billboard finds women more offensive than Israelis.”

The Israeli foreign ministry took a swipe at Iran for the billboard via social media, noting that Iranians were hasty to pull the billboard down overnight.

The head of the city council, Seyyed Ahmad Dastgheyb, ordered an investigation to be carried out and said it would be “necessary to deal seriously with those responsible” if it was confirmed that the soldiers depicted in the images were of the “usurper Zionist regime,” BBC noted.

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