Sheryl Powell hiker, dog missing for 4 days is found alive.

A mother who was missing for four days in the California mountains has revealed she got lost while fleeing a man with a knife who threatened to rape her and stab her dog.

Sheryl Powell, 60, of Huntington Beach, disappeared on Friday while her husband John parked their car near Grandview Campground, in the White Mountains.

Search and rescue teams including ground, dog and aerial reconnaissance with thermal imaging aided in the four day search.

Powell’s two children Farrah and Greg also looked for six miles on foot every day, according to Fox.

The mother was located two hours after her dog Miley was found in the Montenegro Springs area, two-and-a-half miles away from where they were last seen.

Searchers described Powell as ‘resilient and strong but exhausted after being lost in an extremely remote area.’

The mom was taken to hospital for medical clearance and has been described as healthy.

Powell said she was forced to run downhill after being approached by a middle-aged man who threatened her with a knife as she peed behind a tree.

Her son Greg wrote on Facebook that his mom’s attacker told her: ‘”That’s a nice shaved p**** I’ve never had me one of those… you’re gonna do what I want or I’m gonna take my knife to your dog.”’

She fled the area and ignored her husband beeping the car horn and him yelling, not wanting to put them in danger.

From there, Powell mainly traveled by night and kept off the main tracks because she feared the man was following her.

By the time she believed she had lost her would-be attacker, she ‘realized she was quite lost.’

She sustained herself on ‘stagnant water and cactus fruit’ to stave off dehydration, he wrote. ‘When she could no longer walk she scooted as far as she could.’

Despite tying her dog Miley near to water to keep her safe, the dog broke free from her leash and stayed with Powell.

By Monday, the mom began to ‘give up hope’ of being found after a helicopter flew over her. Despite waving and trying to flag them down, they did not see her.

It was the barks of Miley, a black and white Yorkipoo – a Yorkshire terrier-toy poodle – that alerted rescuers to them.

Powell was found just over two hours and around 200 yards away from her dog.

She was then met at Bishop Airport by an ambulance and taken to hospital.

Daughter Farrah Powell posted a picture of the family beaming around Sheryl, who was lying down in her hospital bed.

‘SHES ALIVE!!! This is the happiest day of our lives. We can’t thank everyone enough!!!!!!!’ she wrote.

Greg Powell stated that his mom was an ‘amazing human being’ and that she looked ‘pretty good given the situation.’

He wrote: ‘Her first words were to us were “I’m so sorry I put you through that you guys must have been so worried,” just proving how selfless she is.

‘We are overjoyed to be reunited with her!’

Inyo County Sheriff’s Office have yet to comment on Powell’s attempted attacker but have written online: ‘The investigations portion of the Powell search continues.’

They praised her family as well as local residents, visitors and their assisting agencies who conducted ‘amazingly hard work in difficult terrain.’

‘Challenges include multiple gullies, shale slopes, low shade, direct sun, and rattlesnakes,’ they wrote on social media.


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