Chinese Yutu-2 Moon Rover Spots ‘Gel-Like’ Substance On The Moon.

We had it all wrong, folks. The moon isn’t made of cheese — it’s made of goo.

Chinese lunar rover Yutu-2 discovered an unidentified “gel-like” substance on “the far side of the moon” back in July, the state-run newspaper People’s Daily and Newsweek report. People’s Daily additionally described the extraterrestrial slime as being “unusually colored,” but did not clarify what exactly that Lovecraftian statement meant. Intriguingly, Yu Tianyi, who works on the rover’s drive team, confirmed to the Chinese-language website Our Space that the goo’s color was “significantly different from the surrounding lunar soil.”

Outside researchers that spoke with proposed that the gel-like substance could potentially be “melt glass created from meteorites striking the surface of the moon.” People’s Daily, though, was keeping an open mind, crowd-sourcing its followers on Twitter with the query, “What do you think it is?”


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