WWII ammunition from pond with magnet found, says police.

Three children who went fishing in the eastern Germany over the weekend ended up reeling in an unsettling find, police reported on Sunday.

The children used a strong magnet to go fishing in a pond near the village of Wölfis in the eastern state of Thuringia on Saturday.

When they went to pull in their line, however, the children were shocked to discover they’d snagged several pieces of World War II ammunition and bullet fragments.

After realizing what they’d stumbled across, the children immediately called the police.

Authorities quickly secured the area, located near around 20 kilometers outside the city of Gotha. No one was injured in the operation.

In a statement, police cautioned people against practicing the “unusual and not recommended hobby.”

They also urged anyone who comes across items they believe to be World War II ammunition or bombs to leave them where they were found and immediately alert the police.

Nearly 75 years after the end of World War II, Germany is still littered with bombs and other unexploded ordnance.


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